Each of us is on a journey in search of meaning for our lives. We walk individual paths to discover our own unique purpose; but in truth we’re on concentric journeys with others--on common ground, with a common center. Though we are unique individuals, with unique and personal challenges and struggles in our lives, we are not alone. Given a safe and caring environment, we can find life-coping, life-enhancing, life-changing alternatives for those problems in our daily lives that keep us from moving toward the future we know we all deserve.

Concentric Journeys is for anyone who is searching for a life-style, a philosophy, a theology, an approach to daily life that does not rely on the illusion of a quick fix or black and white answers. Instead, Concentric Journeys is about uncovering your own way to embrace deep-seated feelings, issues, and ambiguity; it’s about learning to “live in the question”. Concentric Journeys provides the opportunity to widen one’s boundaries and open oneself to new possibilities and new connections, discovering meaning, hope, purpose, and answers in the midst of pain, violation and the worst life has to offer. It’s for men and women, young and old, rich or poor who face everyday roles and life experiences. Concentric Journeys offers an opportunity to experience as well as facilitate healing and justice for yourself and others.

Concentric Journeys offers these transformative opportunities through interpersonal work, within a safe place and process, through a variety of contexts and venues, all designed to be tailor-made to fit your individual, corporate, governmental, congregational or programmatic needs.

Concentric Journeys is for:

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