From those who know and have worked with David personally....

Marilyn Peterson Armour, Ph.D., M.S., Psychotherapist, Assistant Professor, University of Texas, School of Social Work.

David holds an absolute allegiance to his faith in the power of unadorned truth. This truth...creates the deepest internal healing possible.

David is very gifted and very spiritual; he helps you cultivate the courage to take that journey inward by accessing the yearning people have for their own healing.

David challenges you to remove the blocks to your authentic living by leading you to be accountable for who you are in the world.

David provides a path for making who you are on the outside congruent with who you discover yourself to be on the inside.

This process creates wholeness and the resolve to continue to live in ways that embrace growth, healing and inner strength.

David's depth and compassion as well as his wisdom and capacity to love furnishes the balm that lets you face your truths, the majesty of what lies beyond yourself, and the courage to live from the center of who you are.

From those who know and have worked with David personally....

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