What Is The Sanctuary Process?

The Sanctuary process is an extraordinary therapeutic experience offered in three phases.

First, ANY individual, seeking change and renewal, is given the opportunity to take a look at themselves and their world within a safe, caring, positive, supportive relationship. This introspective relationship with David, the facilitator of the process, includes highly confidential one-on-one intra-personal work to identify your needs and determine how to meet those needs. This portion of Sanctuary Texas can be provided over a very limited or extended period of time, primarily, if not exclusively, in your own living environment. The one-on-one relationship, which begins with establishing that confidential, emotional safety and recognition of your own abilities and strengths, can stand alone or it can become a part of a larger experience specifically designed to provide a deeper, richer, fuller opportunity for growth, as provided in the second phase.

The second phase, a 6-day, highly personalized individual and group experience, is provided in an ideal retreat setting—on a beautiful ranch in the Texas Hill Country, where opportunity to assimilate and incorporate what you are learning about yourself and others is supported by the breath-taking isolation as well as the sense of community and belonging that the environment offers.

The third phase completes a concentric circle of support, as you return to your home and work environment, with a continuum of care plan including helpful referrals and other opportunities for self-care and nurturing.

What is the Sanctuary process?

Sanctuary is recognition of the center of hope around which our lives revolve and out of which meaning and purpose is fostered.

Sanctuary is understanding and embracing core beliefs about our common abilities and unique responsibilities, especially that capacity to draw upon an inner/outer source of strength and Grace in order to face feelings and issues with courage and truth.

Sanctuary is a safe place in which respect, affirmation, trust, confidentiality and support--for ourselves and others--are allowed to flourish.

Sanctuary is a multi-disciplined and holistic approach to the healing process through an individual and group (mutual) experience but which underscores introspection, self-awareness, personal responsibility and accountability, brutal honesty, openness, sensitivity, and spiritual nurturing.

Sanctuary accepts our capacity to make destructive selfish choices as well as healthy, loving ones. It’s a journey of mutual help, which relies on proven principles of the healing process. It is not therapy but a deeply intimate therapeutic process which follows spiritual insight, natural wisdom and inherent gifts and abilities found in all of us.

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